Four Days in Mexico City

My friends and I took a quick little girl’s trip down to CDMX this February and had the best time! It was none of our first times and definitely not our last either. We mostly just ate, and as a culinary capital, I cannot recommend eating ALL the food in Mexico City enough. I remember being not only struck by the beautiful European-influenced architecture in the city my first time here, but also how green it is everywhere. Lush trees arch over sun-drenched streets and it seems there is a dog-friendly park around every corner. Here’s a quick summary of everything we did!

Where We Stayed

The cutest Airbnb in the heart of Roma Norte, where I highly recommend staying as a first-time visitor, you’re around SO many amazing restaurants, bars and parks, and overall it’s very visually satisfying as the the architecture is stunning. The highlight of our airbnb was the rooftop garden where we enjoyed an espresso each morning, listening to the sounds of the city.

Restaurants & Bars

Just listing our favorites below. I highly suggest making reservations in advance.

  • Rosetta– absolutely delicious, right down the street from our airbnb. Great for lunch or dinner.
  • Maximo– such a cool place with an exposed kitchen right when you walk in. Apparently the menu changes daily, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but so worth it.
  • Blanco Colima– located in a STUNNING castle-like building, we went for dinner but I may recommend going for lunch just so you can see it in the daylight. Look up, there’s gorgeous crown molding. The food was also very good- the lemon surprise dessert was yummmmm.
  • Lardo– great for Brunch, long lines especially on weekends.
  • Tetetlán– this place was COOL. It’s located on the outskirts of the city and was the former horse stable of a home designed by Luis Barragán, Mexico’s most influential architect. I couldn’t tell the scale of the place from photos, so it was a bit jarring (in a good way) when we walked in. We found the food good, not great, but we may have just ordered the wrong things. They did have a bunch of vegetarian options though! Also, get the “Max” drink, best margarita I’ve ever had.
  • Pandería Rosetta– amazing breakfast pastries and coffee. Be sure to get the guava pastry.
  • Supra Roma Rooftop– amazing panoramic views of the city and mountains in the background, go just before sunset. We easily walked in without a reservation and had a pre-dinner drink.
  • La Clandestina– super cute little bar with cozy, romantic vibes. The margs were great!
  • Loup– wine bar
  • Pigeon– great spot to sit on the sidewalk and have a drink from dusk to dark.


I really just recommend strolling around the neighborhoods of Condessa & Roma Norte and wandering in to whatever shops strike your fancy, but here are a few that stick out in my mind.

Other Activities

I hope this is helpful and that you have the best time if you go!