Giving My Dad’s Home Office a Makeover

My parents moved to this 3 bedroom house in 2018. One bedroom is theirs, the other is a guest room (mine when I visit) and the third is a room in the basement that my dad uses as his work from home office. Basement… so there are no windows. It’s a small room, a little gloomy, and where my dad spends the majority of his time when he’s at home so I wanted to give it a makeover for him! I had to consider a few things when designing this room: it has to be able to convert into a second guest room for when their friends visit, and has to house all of my dad’s hiking gear. Since my dad is a hiker, nature lover and historian, I wanted to incorporate those interests into my design as well.

First, lets start with some before photos!

Here is the vision board:

This was a pretty quick and easy project, since the only things I had to do aside from moving furniture in were painting and switching out the light fixture. I brought in a custom sleeper sofa from EQ3 (gifted) in the color called polo cream. Since it’s a small room, I got the narrow size. Inside is a full size mattress, and setting it up is really easy. The rug is handmade from The Citizenry (gifted), its gray and beige but picks up tones from the blue paint nicely. The writing desk is from Teknion (sponsored). Above the desk, I added shelves made out of any old wood from home depot + brackets and painted them to match the trim.I designed a landscape/nature inspired gallery wall, mostly art downloads from BFF Print Shop, others I sourced from the local antique shop and art my parents already had around the house. The vintage frames came from an Etsy shop. The ceiling light fixture is the Stella semi flush mount from Mitzi, one of my favorite lighting companies. For storage, we brought in an antique armoire that my dad has had for years, and ecdffcccverything else either came from around the house or an antique store!


The first thing I did, after my dad cleaned it out, was paint. We decided on the color Good Jeans by Clare Paint (gifted). I have to say, Clare is the best paint I’ve ever used, and I have painted A LOT! The coverage is phenomenal, I only had to do one coat; any other brand would be at least two coats. We were deciding between a few different colors, but knew we wanted something either blue or green to bring in my dad’s love of nature. Something else I love about Clare, is they send you color swatches you can stick up on the wall, so no need to deal with a bunch of tiny cans or unrealistic paint chips.

The Final Product