Rental Friendly Kitchen Makeover

Although my apartment is technically a rental, I will never leave it and one day I would LOVE to do a full blown kitchen renovation (completely gutted, new layout, new appliances, etc.). However, that day is not today (hello budget) so I’ve focused on some simple upgrades that didn’t break the bank or the walls, well, sorta. As a reminder my building was built in 1890 and as I was growing up, we had the ORIGINAL kitchen. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures, but believe me, it was veryyyy old. A few years into living here, my parents had these Ikea cabinets put in along with a new stove and fridge. I’m sure both could use upgrading, and I already have my eyes on a pretty fridge but again- budget!

Here are the before pictures:

My main goals with the kitchen were beautifying and optimizing space. Since this is such a small space, I knew I had to take advantage of my 10 foot ceilings and utilize vertical storage, so shelving it is!

Here are the after pictures:

Since my kitchen is tiny, I used a white glossy paint to bounce the light around on the walls, shelves and ceiling, it really makes a huge difference. On the shelves above the skink I keep the “every day” china and water glasses, as well as a spice rack, tea + coffee station and cooking oils and other items I use frequently. The peel and stick backsplash REALLY elevates the space and was insanely easy to do, even with my wonky walls! If you’re wondering where the pots and pans went from the before picture, they’re now hidden in a drawer in the cabinet. They couldn’t fit there before because thats where I kept my tupperware, but now the tupperware is hidden inside of those baskets on top of the refrigerator. I am so happy with how it turned out, not only do I have more storage, but its so much prettier!

Products Used: