One Week in Italy-Rome & Cinque Terre Itinerary

We made a pretty quick trip to Italy to kick off summer. We flew in and out of a Rome where we stayed a few days on either end and took the train up to Cinque Terre as well. For me this trip was the perfect length and although every day was very on the go and a lot of walking, we still squeezed in some valuable rest and relaxation time. Here’s our complete itinerary and what I packed!

Packing Essentials

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  1. Carry on suitcase
  2. Packing cubes
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Sandals for walking or dinner
  5. bikini top
  6. bikini bottom
  7. large crossbody bag
  8. Make up setting spray with SPF
  9. Favorite super comfy white sneakers
  10. Waterproof Birkenstocks
  11. Lightweight Turkish beach towel
  12. linen pants
  13. Large canvas tote bag
  14. black midi dress
  15. The Nap Dress
  16. Casual button down


My favorite thing about Rome was the peachy palette of the city and the narrow, winding cobblestoned streets. The food was well, life changing- we kept saying we will never be able to eat boxed pasta again.


We first stayed in Trastevere. This Airbnb was great and the host was extremely sweet and accommodating. Trastevere was pretty damn touristy but it was so central to everything which was nice for our first visit to Rome. It’s beautiful there and there are so many great restaurants! 

Next we stayed in Regola on the other side of the river. This Airbnb had a balcony that was simply to die for and I think I would travel all the way back to Rome just to sit out there and have an espresso.


  • We did the majority of the touristy stuff in one day, sort of accidentally just by ‘romeing’ around We had to pay for a guided tour of the Colosseum because we made the mistake of not booking tickets in advance. It was €36 per person but worth it because we learned a lot and noticed things we otherwise would have overlooked. 
  • Rooftop drinks at Atlante Star Hotel- such an underrated (although pricey) spot near the Vatican with a breathtaking view of Rome from above. We walked in without a reservation.
  • We did the majority of the touristy stuff in one day, sort of accidentally just by ‘romeing’ around We had to pay for a guided tour of the Colosseum because we made the mistake of not booking tickets in advance. It was €36 per person but worth it because we learned a lot and noticed things we otherwise would have overlooked. 

Food (What We Really Came For)

  • Roscioli was our favorite restaurant in Rome. I cried from how amazing the food was. Do. Not. Skip. It. Make reservations in advance and order the burrata with black truffle pearls for your app.
  • We accidentally stumbled upon Elle Effe but we’re glad we did! They had the best Cacio e pepe of our trip and a great Greek salad- good salads are hard to find in Europe!
  • Dar Poeta-great pizza in Tratevere and our first stop getting off the plane
  • I had been hearing about Da Enzo al 29 for years as the “best restaurant in Rome” to start, it was good, great even- but I wouldn’t say the best. I think it might be a tourist trap. They don’t take reservations and you have to wait in a line (can be hours long) to get a table. The restaurant opened at 7, we got there at 6:15 and there was already about 7 parties ahead of us. They served us drinks while we waited, and we ended up getting a table right when they opened. When we left though there were long lines wrapping around the block so I would suggest arriving an hour before opening!

Cinque Terre

We traveled from Rome to Cinque Terre by train, (Rome-La Spisa- Riomaggiore) we booked our tickets here. It was about a 4.5 hour train ride, so we left early in the morning to get the most out of our time. Cinque Terre is located more towards the north on the western coast and is comprised of 5 little towns. You can travel from town to town either by hiking or by very quick train rides. We loved exploring each little town and everything so just so dang cute!


We stayed in Riomaggiore (the southern most town) in this Airbnb. The balcony with view of the town and sea was *chefs kiss* and definitely one of the highlights of the trip. It was about a 10 minute walk from the train station and we just could not have been happier with the location. 


Sunset Sail/Booze Cruise– self explanatory. Even though I got terribly seasick it was still so much fun! We got to see each little town from the water and swim in the sea at sunset which was magical! If you get seasick, make sure to put these on and take some bonine (non-drowsy).

Pesto making class– although we were skeptical (we’ve made pesto many a time) this was one of the best parts of the trip. The class takes place at Nessun Dorma, a famous restaurant in Manorola. So famous that you often have to wait as long as 4 hours to get a table (the view is to die for!). With the class, you kinda get the VIP experience, beautiful views, delicious pesto followed by wine and lunch, and I love learning about the owner’s journey with his restaurant!


  • Ristorante Bar Al Costello (Vernazza) – the view here was to die for!
  • Nessun Dorma (Manorola) – the food was fine, probably nothing to write home about but the view sure was and I wouldn’t miss it. See more about this restaurant under the activities section of this post. 
  • can’t remember what it’s called but we found a really amazing focaccia place in Vernazza on the main street 
  • Bar Terza Terra– well worth the hike up, great spot to watch sunset


We REALLY lucked out financially, the total for our trip was around $3200, $1600 each, give or take! We didn’t mean for it to be so cheap or plan on a budget, I think it just worked out that way because we booked months ago and May is not yet the height of tourist season. Here’s a rough break down, per person:

  • roundtrip airfare- $700
  • roundtrip train tickets- $115
  • taxis- $75
  • lodging- $300
  • activities- $190
  • food and other spending- $250

That’s about it! Please leave a comment here if you have any further questions. If you want to see more visuals, check out my “Rome” and “Cinque Terre” highlights on instagram!

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  1. Karen wrote:

    Hi Hattie,

    We’re heading to ITALY next June. It seems like your weather was beautiful in May. What was the average high & low temps.? Thinking of maybe switching our trip to May!

    Posted 6.20.22
    • admin wrote:

      Rome was hot some days, like in the 90’s, but others I would say more low 80’s. Cinque was in the high 70’s!

      Posted 6.25.22

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