Spring Break in Puerto Escondido

I’ve been to Mexico a few times- Mexico City, Tulum and around the Cancun area, but my favorite so far was Puerto Escondido where I went this year for spring break. Narrow, busy streets aligned with restaurants and little shops, its a sweet little town thats not quite as touristy-or expensive-as Tulum, with a more casual vibe.

Some Things to Note:

  • there is no Uber here, so be prepared to hail taxi’s. If you’re on a main road/in a busy section of town you’ll never have to wait too long, but it may be a good idea to save the taxi company number in your phone just incase.
  • be sure to take enough cash out of the ATM when you get a chance. ATM’s were few and far between, and one we went to even ran out of cash, so stock up on the first day.
  • many locals don’t speak any English, so it’s useful to know a little Spanish

What to Do:

  • My favorite beach was Playa Bacocho, it’s more expansive than the other beaches and relatively empty at all times so if you’re looking for a relaxing beach, this is it!
  • Playa Carrizalillo was stunning, but only in the mornings. By noon it would become super crowded both on the sand and in the water and was just not my cup of tea. If you’re looking to socialize, eat and drink by the water, then you’ll like this.
  • Esadín Restaurant is part of Villas Carrizalillo (one of my hotel recs) and is situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean, right above Playa Carrizalillo. This is an absolute MUST even if you’re not staying at the hotel.
  • release baby sea turtles into the ocean! This was a very wholesome and fun experience, cannot miss it!
  • visit Casa Wabi, (may want to rent a car for this) an artist residency and a short drive away. Make sure you book a tour and even if you’re not into art, the architecture is very cool! I didn’t get to go, but nearby is a restaurant called Kakurega Omakase (book via their instagram) that is apparently amazing!
  • bioluminescent boat ride– I did not get a chance to do this but missed out. You should!

Where to Stay:

Casa Ohma– We found this on Airbnb and it did not disappoint! A short walk off the main stretch, its tucked away on a quiet street and completely enclosed with white plaster walls, so it feels very safe and tucked away. It’s beautifully designed with a pool, common areas, shared kitchen and large rooms with thatched roofs. Also cannot forget how reasonably priced it was! 10/10 would definitely stay here again.

Villas Carrizalillo- I was reluctant to book this place because I am not usually a hotel girl, but oh my goodness, I loved it so much. First of all, its located on a cliff overlooking the ocean, so that’s amazing. There’s an amazing restaurant, pool, lounge areas, direct beach access and rooms that open up to a view of the turquoise sea. For what you get, the prices are VERY reasonable.

Hope this was helpful, I’m already planning my next trip back. P.S. since there were no direct flights to Puerto Escondido from NYC, I had to do a layover in Mexico City. I extended the layover so I could have extra time there and stayed in this amazingggggg airbnb.


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