My Miami Beach Recs!

So you probably have figured out by now that I LOVE Miami! While it may not seem like my vibe, let me tell you, Miami is not what it may appear to be! Before I went, I didn’t think I was going to like it. Growing up, my mom always scoffed and told me it was tacky (I know, cringe) so I went in fully thinking it was just a hot, loud, crazy party city with spring breakers in little clothing. And while yes, it is that, it’s not only that. I find Miami to be actually quite relaxing and have only ONCE partied there and had a horrible time, leaving my friend behind at the club (don’t worry she’s fine). To me, Miami is about the warm weather, the pastel color palette of its Art Deco architecture, the seemingly never-ending beach and the fact that it’s a big, walkable city where you can do whatever you want and no one looks twice at you. For this reason, I think it’s the perfect place to travel to as a solo female; and yes- I feel very safe.

I think I’ve been to Miami 7 or 8 times now- both with friends and solo. I always do the same things and frequent the same areas, so I am by NO means an expert. In this post I’m just sharing some of the places where I’ve enjoyed staying, and things I like to do and eat. I hope you find it helpful!

Where I’ve Stayed

(not listing prices because they fluctuate)

  1. Beachfront Apartment with Ocean views

Location: Mid-North Beach


-right on the beach
-amazing view out of the window
-located in a apartment buiding/hotel with a convenience store in the basement
-pool access
-getting to watch the sunrise every morning


-not immediate walking distance of any shops or restaurants
-4 miles from South Beach- you can either walk, Citi bike, take the free bus down Collins Ave (30 min) or take Uber/Lyft (20 min and anywhere from $12-$25 depending on time of day)

2. President Hotel

Location: South Beach


-a block away from the beach
-in walking distance of everything


-no frills, super basic hotel room (no kitchen)
-it wasn’t for me, but I imagine it could be a bit noisy at night

3. Tiki Condo (host has LOTS of listing so be sure to check all)

Location: South Beach


-quiet street
-close to beach and lots of restaurants


-none I can remember

4. Esme Hotel

Location: South Beach


-great, central location

-beautifully designed rooms & property


-I wasn’t impressed with the hospitality here, but would stay again.

Where I Like to Eat

I’m not very adventurous with food and am mostly a vegetarian. I think you would probably have more fun eating in Miami if you’re not vegetarian though! That being said, I have a few restaurants I frequent:

  • Pura Vida- fresh vegetarian food (I think)- açaí bowls, juices, wraps, etc. Great for breakfast or lunch.
  • Planta- not as good as their NYC location, but still AMAZING vegan food and a nice vibe for dinner
  • Las Olas Cafe- just a cute little neighborhood-y Cuban spot a few blocks from the beach. I love to go for breakfast
  • Ha Salon-also have a NYC location I love, a great place to go with friends for a FUN night out
  • Salt Cafe- a simple little spot in South Beach- decent brunch and perfect for a little beach-break meal
  • Strawberry Moon at the Goodtime Hotel- first of all a GORGEOUS hotel that you should see even if you’re not dining. They also have a pool and do pool parties! The restaurant is great for any meal- or just go to the bar for drinks!

What I Packed

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Q: Is it far from the airport/do you have to Uber?

A: I have Uber-ed or Lyfted every time I fly in/out of Miami. The airport is 25-45 min away from the beach depending on traffic and is usually around $30-$45.

Q: Any safety concerns for solo travelers. especially females?

A: Personally I have always felt just as safe in Miami as I do at home in NYC, which is very safe! Miami is a big city so there are always people out and about.

Q: What do you do at night when traveling solo?

A: Not much, I usually am out from sunrise till sunset so I’m pretty tired at night. I may go for a walk just after dark when there are still lots of people doing the same, order in or make dinner, do some work, watch tv and FaceTime back home.

Q: What’s the best way to get around Miami?

A: I’ve only ever stayed in Miami Beach so that’s all I can speak on. In South Beach, everything is SO close together you can walk everywhere. You can also rent Citi bikes from docks which are located every few blocks especially on Ocean Dr. It’s a great way to get around or just to take a scenic ride. For longer distances, you can take Ubers/Lyft (there’s often, for whatever reason a huge price disparity so always check both!) There is also a FREE bus system in Miami. Just use Google Maps to know what bus to take!

Q: Have you explored other areas other than the beach?

A: Nope! Like I said I have been to Wynwood once but other than that, when I’m in Miami it’s mostly about the beach for me, but one day I’d love to explore more.

Q: What is there to do aside from the beach and partying?

A: Great question, I usually spend my time either on the beach or just walking around so I don’t have that much knowledge on this subject but

-Wynwood is a highly recommended area with lots of cool street art. Full transparency I’ve been and didn’t love it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great!

-On weekends there you can go antique shopping on Lincoln road

-Rubell Museum

-I haven’t gone yet but I am DYING to go to the Vizcaya Museum. It looks soooooo beautiful and is only a short drive from South Beach. You can uber there!